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PPW Licensing

Our Strengths
  • Our businesses, licensing business and promotional marketing agency, are synergistic and put us at advantageous position to organize successful promotional programs for clients.
  • We have been in the industry for over 30 years. We are very experienced.
  • We are licensing representative/master licensee for strong brands in cartoons; sports; games; TV channels and fashions. We have also developed our own character with a theme in trendy shopping.
  • We have excellent connections with licensors worldwide.
  • We have professional teams providing services to clients to help them with their licensing and promotion needs.
  • Our licensing team and our promotion team, supported by our in-house designers; merchandisers; project engineers; QA/QC engineers and logistics staff are all committed to offer the best services to clients.
  • Our factory in Dong Guan, China, DSK Premium Supplies Limited, is an ICTI accredited factory which manufactures rotational molded; injection molded and blow molded plastic toys/premiums for well-known customers worldwide, for example, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate.
  • Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have branch office in USA (Los Angeles and Dallas); Philippines (Manila) and China (Shenzhen; Guangzhou; Xiamen; Shantou; Shanghai; Beijing). In addition, we have wide agent networks in various countries.
  • We are very experienced to develop business in China market. China market is one of the largest and fastest growing markets. We are confident to help interested parties to enter the China market.
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